Friday, April 24, 2009


Last summer when I attended "She Speaks", something drew me to attend several sessions on blogging. I had heard of blogging, knew a few bloggers, and even had read a few blogs here and there but never really had a huge desire to begin blogging myself. After attending the informational sessions at She Speaks, I resigned myself to the thought that it would be years before I would really be interested in starting a blog site.

Well, never say never. God had different plans.

God's clear nudging began in February during not only my quiet times I spent with Him but also as I participated in a Mom's Bible Study group at my church. "What Lord? You couldn't mean me. I know nothing about blogging." I tried the arguing thing but who was I kidding.

I then made the mistake of telling my teenage daughter about some of God's confirming signs regarding blogging. With no sugarcoated kindness, she quite pointedly said "Mom, don't you get it. God wants you to start a blog. So when are you going to do it?" Ouch!!! "Couldn't you have been a bit nicer?" I thought.

Sometimes the Lord uses our children to grab our attention.

The time for obedience to God's clear direction was now. I had learned years ago that delayed obedience was actually "disobedience". Who was I to argue with the God of the universe?

While this site will go through some more additions and modifications as I learn more about blogging, the main goal will stay the same. My goal is to encourage and equip women to see that their true beauty and worth are found in a God who has created them in His image.

I look forward to the journey together.
Created in His Image,

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