Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Wow. Time flies when you are busy. Sorry I have taken several weeks to do a post. May is such a busy month in our home. There are end of the school year activities, track meets to attend, outside landscaping to attend to (or try to attend to), work trips, family gatherings, and other periodic things that come up that need to be handled.

Too often, I let the "activities/things" in life squeeze out my needed time with God. I can see the shortening of my prayer time, then the occasional skipping of my Bible study for a day or 2. Then suddenly, I have missed spending time with God for several days in a row. Guilt creeps in. I sometimes let those feelings of guilt overwhelm me so much that I believe the lie--> God won't notice me gone if I don't say anything. HA!!! Who am I kidding?

My Lord and King always knows when I have missed a day with Him. His quiet, compassionate voice whispers in my thoughts--> Karrie, I am waiting right here for you. I love you. Come and spend time with me, let me give you encouragement, love, and forgiveness. You are my beautiful child. I will always love you.

One of satan's ways to draw us away from God by distractions. Who really wants to add more "things to do" to their schedule than anyone can humanly accomplish? None of us would volunteer to have such full schedules but it happens very gradually. I know the importance of praying before I volunteer to do something extra at work, church, or in our community but I too get in trouble with an overbusy calendar at times.

This summer, I am working diligently to ask God to order my days. I desire to do His good and perfect will each and everyday. I don't want to be distracted and miss any time with my precious Lord.

What distractions exist in your life? How do you handle requests for your time? Do you pray about each request to be sure that it is God's best for you? Be careful to not let the things of this world squeeze out your precious time with God. He loves you and wants to spend time with you.

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